The online world is never safe. The moment we trust financial data on the web, the same criminals who would pickpocket us in person or rob us at home are trying to do the same online. But our response is the same; vigilance, protection, locking the doors.

We have created protocols to prevent web hacking, to protect customer information and stop identity theft online. Many of our fixes are complex, but others are simple locks to stop our enemies cold.

One example is the Base 64 hack. This reached a frenzy in 2015, as Chinese hackers entered WordPress sites via an embedded code on an uploaded image file, which would create a Base 64 stamp inside the program. With that simple anchor, they could gain access and wreak havoc.

They would transfer the home pages to porn sites to test the resilience of the site owners, then go for the coup de gras — erase all of the web images and customization, upload photos of cameras and turn it into a lead generation machine for a Chinese camera company. Really wild, when you think of it, or when they think that people wouldn’t react. This became a scourge. Thousands of sites were hacked, many fixed, but many given up and abandoned.

Our response was simple and elegant. We placed one small line of code on the site. That was it.

Now, it was a powerful line. If what these criminals were using was Base 64 encoding — it lets binary be transferable as text so it can be sent across regular text based alphabet — they could then use as a pivot to gain entry, then all we needed was a hardwired line in the software to prevent any code in Base 64 form to be added. Simple.

And it worked. Ours sites, to this day, remain hack free.


Wings of Commerce benefits from economies of scale. The more websites we build, expertise we offer, companies we help manage, social campaigns we run, when there’s an industry-wide epidemic, we work fast to help all of our customers.

These innovations are working today in website protection, online data financial transfer encryption, including for Bitcoin, employee privacy controls and so many more fixes to keep everyone safe and happy.

If there is a lingering security question keeping you awake at night, now is a good time to ask for help.

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